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The Internet MBA System 
$1997 - $497
The Internet MBA System consists of 4, 60 minute calls with Tom with just 3 other students. 

The goal is to guide you hand by hand through the process of buying, growing and ultimately selling an Ecom Brand:

Weekly Call 1: Financials & Finding Businesses
- Where to find sweet Ecom business bargains
- How much to pay for them
- How to negotiate to get the best prices
- How to use the Internet MBA Valuator spreadsheet that tells you EXACTLY what an online business is worth
- The financial metrics to look for to make sure you can ultimately sell the business for a LARGE profit
- Best process for making private payments to save massive marketplace fees (This one bullet will get the ROI on your investment in this course ;))

Weekly Call 2: Handover, Systems & Outsourcing
- Step by step guide to the handover process
- Getting set up with all the free software required for running a high performing Ecom biz
- Finding your first Virtual Assistant (see Virtual Assistant Mastery in Bonus section)
- Understanding Working Procedures and continuous process improvement
- Reviewing and refining your brand, purpose and mission (to be magnetic to your customers)
- Implementing tracking systems to ensure you know what is happening and when in your business

- Understanding Facebook Ad basics
- Building your first break even customer acquisition funnel (see Bonus section)
- Selecting which products to focus on first
- Optimising your store for HIGH conversions

Weekly Call 4: BACK END GROWTH
- Building out your retargeting and email capability (you will get 50 High Converting email templates written by yours truly ;)
- Swipe and deploy email promotions
- Understand how to nurture your customer base for long term profits
- Step by step guide to creating your lead and customer Facebook Groups for AWESOME customer research and long term community building


1. Each and everyone that joins the calls will be gifted my exact Cold Traffic Acquisition Clickfunnels Funnel.. it's converting like crazy ;)
2. Virtual Assistant Mastery - Course sold for $297 in 2017, covers EVERYTHING you need to know about hiring, training and getting ROI from Virtual Assistants, putting your business on autopilot.
3. ALL the templates used throughout the process: Handover Contract, Working Procedures, Internet MBA Valuator, Facebook Ads, 50 High Converting Emails, Product Page Templates & Many More.

200% "Jump On A Call" Guarantee

If you complete each of the 4 calls AND still don't feel like you've got the value from the course, I will personally jump on a 30 minute Skype call with you to go through parts of the course and any issues... if you still don't feel like it's working, I will issue a full 100% refund. 

If I don't help you, I don't want your cash.


How many spaces are there?

We will be taking JUST 4 people onto the Internet MBA System to ensure that each person get's the right level of attention for their benefit but also for us to fine tune the content for the full release later this year.

Do we get access to the iMBA System content released later in the year?

YES! You will be grandfathered into this content. You will also get LIFETIME access as the iMBA System is refined over the coming years as the online business landscape evolves.

How much capital do I need?

If you already have a brand, minimal... just enough for some initial ad spend and some software costs.

If you need to buy one, these business can be bought for as little as $500 with the methods taught.

I have a product but don't have marketing skills?

PERFECT! This course will show your exactly how to blow up your business. You will also learn about the best way to value and sell your business when the time comes. As long as your product has been proven to sell somewhere, at sometime the Internet MBA System will work for you.

I already have an Ecom brand, can I still take the course?

YEP, you will learn exactly how to grow it and also they best way to package your business up for selling when the time comes.

What results can I expect?

You will be following my journey with our brand to reach $100k per month, so I do not see why you cannot achieve that over time with the right time and effort investment.

Will you share everything about your current Ecom business?

YEP, absolutely everything.

I just want to dropship a "me too" product to make a quick buck, this the iMBA System right for me?

Haha, unfortunately not my friend, the iMBA System is for real business people looking to grow sustainable, long term, cash producing assets that can eventually be sold.

I don't have a product that is proven to sell and don't have $500 minimum to acquire an Ecom business, can I join?

I'm afraid not, we don't have time to find "product market fit", the Internet MBA System is for those that want to execute hard and fast, not spend months wasting time and money trying to develop that "special product".


This is an early training group to TEST the content for the Internet MBA System to be released later this year at a price point of $1,997.

This will mean you will be involved with testing fresh methods never seen before and would be great to get your feedback after each call.
Who is this Tom Hunt guy?
Tom Hunt is an Internet Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. He has bought, started and sold 3 different online business, has received angel investment for another (which failed lol), has appeared on the hit BBC1 Television show Dragons' Den, has completed a TEDx Talk, has started a top ranking business podcast.

He loves building, growing and selling brands... and helping awesome people like yourself ;)
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